Blockchain Technology for the Real World

Panel Discussions - Series

Join experts in the blockchain community focusing on utilizing technology for real world use cases, the Cryptovalley Association comprising of thousands of members utilizing and applying blockchain technologies, and the TòròNet community currently comprising over 130,000 users utilizing the blockchain technology for real world use in exploring and discussing various salient topics pertaining to mass adoption and utility of the technology.

Panel Topic 1

March 23rd 2023

How Blockchain Can Revolutionize Global Agriculture: Insights from Tech Experts


Initially conceived & deployed as a global. peer-2-peer decentralized & frictionless payment system by Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchain technology holds great promise for the agricultural sector through its unique features like the immutability of transactions, transparency, and global accessibility. With many agricultural communities located in remote areas underserved by traditional financial systems, this panel brings together experts from the technology space to explore and discuss the use of blockchain in revolutionizing and reimagining how financing gets into the agricultural sector within rural communities.

About Toronet

The Toronet vision is for a world of access where finance and technology serve communities so they can fulfill their aspirations for a better life. TóróNet is a Layer-1 blockchain infrastructure specifically designed to solve real-world problems at scale. The platform enables community-driven economies with the infrastructure, frameworks, and toolkits to leapfrog and create their path for development. 


About Crypto Valley Association (CVA)

CVA is a collection of individuals, and small and large companies from all over the world who are interested in the long-term global economic and transformational benefits coming from blockchain and cryptographic technology innovation. Through the alignment of members’ activities, investor interests, and industry advocates, the CVA plan to impact the future of cryptographic technology innovation by being the catalyst that brings together industry visionaries with all of the individuals and enterprises working in this transformational area.