Our Roadmap for 2022

Quarter One 2022

  • Distribution of the governance tokens to early adopters on the network that exchange assets to acquire the Toro stablecoins. We expect this to bring in about 400,000 – 800,000 users who would want to obtain the governance tokens and be able to influence the ecosystem via the DAO.
  • At least 5 user case projects to come online. One is already active which is a community token for a church with 20 million members worldwide. A decentralized finance project is in development to provide small microloans to end users with proven business needs for productivity tools such as smart phones and used laptops.
  • A staking use case is also in development to allow those with liquidity fund these developments at yields of about 10-20%, which still exceeds some of the finance rates in those communities, that are often as high as 30%.
  • Integration with additional platforms including BSC and Avalanche so that tokens on the platform can effectively also be ported to those platforms and are as much tokens of those platforms. (Eth is currently implemented and active on the platform.)

Quarter Two 2022

  • At least 5 additional use cases are approved on the platform by the DAO and come online.
  • Implementation of the bridge to Atom chains.

Quarter Three 2022

  • Completion of a project with the necessary banking licenses in the target communities to enable integration to CBDCs that are already active in the continent, with more planned and coming online later in the year.
  • At least 5 additional use cases are approved on the platform by the DAO and come online.

Quarter Four 2022

  • The method of proposals submissions to percolate up to DAO is developed by the community, which is now active and has active members, such that proposals no longer need to go through the TòròNet Association. Then admission of nodes, projects, and all proposals for governing the network is completely decentralized and determined by the community.
  • The Association’s 20% of fees enshrined in the constitution is now significant and is being deployed to useful grants and loans in the rural and underbanked communities.
  • Hackathons and workshops are organized for the developer community backed by the APIs as well as some of the governing tokens allocated to further help grow the network.
  • More use cases and projects of interest to the community are further approved on to the platform via the DAO.