Live Projects

  • AgriFi

    AgriFi aims to revolutionize farmers’ market engagement and sovereignty by leveraging digitalization and smart contracts to create fairer, transparent, connected, and inclusive agricultural markets.

    Status : Live
  • HealthGo App Launch


    HealthGo is a decentralized global portal for
    general healthcare assistance, allowing communities to more easily access consultation and healthcare needs, available on Google Playstore.

    Status : Live
  • Espees

    Token enabling exchanges between a worldwide, real-world community.

    Status : Live
  • Blockroll logo


    Blockroll streamlines payroll and global gig payments, connects recruiters to vetted talent, and offers innovative payment processing, flexibility, rewards, and a business marketplace for enhanced efficiency worldwide.

    Status : Live
  • Traddify Logo


    Traddify enables quick cross-border money transfers to family, friends, business partners, and suppliers in several African countries.

    Status : Coming Soon
  • Zendmart

    Zendmart offers a unique and innovative approach to online shopping, using blockchain technology to provide a fast, secure, and borderless marketplace for digital products.

    Status : Live
  • Coffer City

    Coffer City empowers you to save, invest, and foster financial growth through our platform, designed to instill discipline with a dedicated savings timeline.

    Status : Coming Soon

What TóróNet Offers Projects

  • A cutting-edge and stakeholder-owned layer-1 to realize their aspirations.

  • Templates, guidelines, smart contracts, and other technological tools to enable them.

  • Whitelabel & API solutions to connect seamlessly.

  • Unique features and a global network to collaborate with.

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