Ongoing projects live or in Development

  • Espees

    Token for a community with over 5 million members and chapter in several countries

    Status : Live
  • Aspiro

    Decentralized financing of developmental aspirations in several African countries

    Status : In Development
  • EMI/Assetera

    Decentralized finance allowing members to stake to provide financing for verified and secured assets (smart phones) in under banked communities

    Status : In Development

The TòròNet platform seeks to be a natural home for the following types of projects

  • Projects that provide financial services to the unbanked and inadequately banked communities.

  • Stable coin projects, where assets are created that are backed by real world assets or real value.

  • NFT projects that showcases and allows artists from Africa, South America, and Asia that are not as exposed to digitizing their assets to do so in a tokenized manner.

  • Community-based tokens for cooperatives, credit unions, community organizations, and agricultural groups.

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Projects are admitted by the entire community through the DAO