What is Association

The Association is a non-commercial and not-for-profit legal entity headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland among the headquarters of many UN organizations, NGOs, development institutions, and diplomatic organizations. This means it is still situated withing the “Crypto Valley” of switzerland which has favorable legislation and attracts hundreds of millions of dollars of investment while at the same time positioning itself closer to the headquarters of major humanitarian organizations with whom TòròNet seeks direct partnerships rather than the purly finance-centered hubs of Zug and Zurich which are home to the associations of Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, and countless other unicorn blockchain start-ups.


  • Management Of Votes

    Manages the DAO process, and schedules the initiates and votes for the DAO process that the entire community votes on.​

  • Dao Schedules

    Receives applications from projects and nodes and schedules them for DAO admission.

  • Development Of Communities

    Receives a portion of all platform fees and provides developmental grants and loans to underbanked communities within this budget.

Swiss Based Association

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Easy Step

The main purposes of the Association are defined in Article 4 of the Tọ̀rọ̀Net constitution and are the following :

  • Promote digital and financial inclusion and the preservation of human dignity
  • The fulfillment of equitable human aspirations alignment with ensuring sustainability and regenerative living systems
  • The selection of the projects that will be put to a vote for incorporation by Tọ̀rọ̀Net’s community through the DAO
  • Helping to fund development projects and charities with a focus on Africa