The Association


The Association is a non-profit based in Geneva, Switzerland, at the intersection of the Crypto Valley and the United Nations Headquarters and major NGOs.

The Board of the Association is comprised of highly recognized individuals from several industries.

Its mission is to offer good governance guidelines and establish high-level partnerships with global organizations in the development and non-profit sectors.

In time, it is planned that one or multiple seats be reserved on the Board for representatives elected by the DAO.

It is a key actor in the TóróNet ecosystem.


  • Governance

    Produces guidelines on good governance and insures alignment of the project with its core values.

  • Link with DAO

    Coordinates with the future DAO on all governance matters and grant applications.

  • Development Of Communities

    The Association vets new projects and proposes new partnerships.

Swiss Based Association

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The main purposes of the Association as defined in its Constitution

  • Promote digital and financial inclusion and the preservation of human dignity
  • The fulfillment of equitable human aspirations alignment with ensuring sustainability and regenerative living systems
  • The selection of the projects that will be put to a vote by the TóróNet community
  • Helping to fund development projects and charities with a focus on Africa