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What is Tórónet?

Welcome to Tórónet, an Open Fintech Platform that’s reshaping how communities in emerging economies harness their real-world assets (RWAs). Our modular layer-1 blockchain protocol ensures that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tools are not only accessible but deeply integrated into daily economic activities and geared towards substantial impact.

We prioritize inclusivity and diversity, ensuring that the transformative benefits of blockchain technology reach all corners of society. We strive to catalyze community-driven economic growth and resilience, moving beyond traditional tech innovation to foster environments where local economies can thrive. 

Join us in driving real change and crafting a sustainable future where technology serves as a bridge to economic inclusivity.

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AgriFi aims to revolutionize farmers’ market engagement and sovereignty by leveraging digitalization and smart contracts to create fairer, transparent, connected,

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Blockroll streamlines payroll and global gig payments, connects recruiters to vetted talent, and offers innovative payment processing, flexibility, rewards, and

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Zendmart offers a unique and innovative approach to online shopping, using blockchain technology to provide a fast, secure, and borderless

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