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FinCen (New York) MSB licensed. PCIDSS certified.

Key Features

TóróNet is a layer-1 blockchain designed with the needs of the global South in mind. It has some unique features in order to tackle real-world problems.

Fast and Scaleable

Near-instant settlement with a unique proof-of-stake & proof of authority model as consensus mechanism.


TóróNet has the unique feature of being gasless on the infrastructure level. Instead, customizable tariffs can be set by the governance structure based on specific use cases and types of transactions.

Accesible Wallet

Integrated wallet that is available on Google Play store and Apple store. White label options available based on API.

Global and Local

TóróNet enables the self-organization of community economies. A global network that can express itself locally.


Modified Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism with Proof-of-Authority such that each node can only commit transactions to the limit of their reserves within time periods or epochs.

In-built Governance Mechanism

TóróNet is a public-permissionned network, governed by the holders of the governance token through its native governance structure.

Stable Native Token

Native token, the Toro, is a fully collateralized USD-pegged stablecoin.


Current interoperable implementation with the Ethereum network. Other implementations in progress includes Bitcoin network, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche C-chain networks.

Independent Projects

Projects decide how to operate. They can be as centralized or decentralized as needed, they can require KYC and become custodial to fit their local regulatory regimes.

Cross-Project Collaboration

User roles can be defined at the blockchain level, opening up endless possibilities for cross-project collaboration.

Easy on/off ramping

Integrated to major payment gateways that allow global on-ramping and off-ramping into local currencies.

Fund Recovery

Projects that use custodial functions can enable users to recover lost funds.

Technology Roadmap

Completion of projects with necessary licenses in target communities to enable integration with multiple payment options, including existing CBDCs on the African continent
Completed 100%
Completion of PoC projects utilizing staking/decentralized lending to finance aspirations
Completed 100%
Adding support for downloading and uploading private keys to the native wallet
Completed 100%
Turn on ToroG transfer functionality on the native wallet
Completed 100%
Support full non-custodial operations of the native wallet
Completed 100%
Complete the Android version of the native wallet
Completed 100%
Developer Hackathon
Complete 100%
Finalize Toronet - Ethereum bridge
Completed 100%
Complete the IOS version of the native wallet
In Beta testing 80%
Further integration of bridges to other main networks (Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Atom, Bitcoin)
In Progress 65%
Adding more functionalities to the native wallet, such as integration with payment gateways like Circle USDC, Kingspay, Paypal
In Progress 50%
Complete voting functionality of the native wallet
In Progress 50%
Enhance the look and feel of the native wallet
In Progress 30%
Complete integration with major exchanges
In Progress 20%

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