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Governance Structure

Tórónet is run by the community

not corporations

Tórónet governance is managed by 3 distinct entities that have a check and balance on each other through different governance responsibilities and powers. Together they influence Tórónet Chain through its governance tokens. These entities are:

The Tórónet Decentralized
Autonomous Organization or “DAO” represents the wider Tórónet community through ToroG holders. They can vote on governance proposals such as accepting new projects, nominating board members, and proposing other updates and features.

The Tórónet Association is a non-profit branch of Tórónet which represents the interests of mankind. Tórónet’s core values and ethics are protected through the board which controls the association. The Board has a maximum of 15 members which are nominated by the Association GA, Tórónet Dev Corp, or the DAO and voted on by the current board members. Tórónet Dev Corp and the DAO also each have one seat they can vote on independently. The association approves new projects and ascends other technical proposals voted on by the DAO. General Association members serve in advisory roles and can be granted specific powers by the board.

Tórónet Development Corp is the business and operational core of Tórónet which legally resides in the USA but is de facto worldwide. It comprises of the employees and C-suite team of Tórónet and ensures the effective implementation of policy which has been decided on. Tórónet Dev Corp is at liberty to sell its governance shares to investors in return of minority stakes in the business. Tórónet Dev Corp retains the fees and revenues received by the platform and can redistribute them to other branches of Tórónet.