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The Mystery of Capital: Breaking the Cycle of Intergenerational Poverty Using Technology

At Tórónet, we are ambassadors for the cause of sustainable economic inclusion for all. We’re convinced that this precursor of financial inclusion is the powerhouse tool the world urgently needs to tackle the widespread challenges that negatively impact the progress of millions in emerging economies.

We hold a fundamental belief that every individual harbors aspirations for a better life, that are attainable through the possession of real-world assets. Our theory of change is that access to opportunities that enables asset ownership is crucial in breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. We view blockchain infrastructure, particularly Tórónet, as a pivotal enabler of human aspirations.

Our conviction is rooted in a profound truth, eloquently paraphrased from Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates in his book “Move Over Brokers, Here comes the blockchain”:

Blockchains have the unique capability to create distinct, indelible, and immutable digital items, owned unequivocally by an individual, immune to external usurpation. Essentially, today, humanity can endow digital objects with the tangibility of physical assets. This notion of ownership and property rights is fundamental to transforming the economic destiny of countless individuals in emerging markets & I dare say in excluded communities in the developed parts of the world.

We built Tórónet to address this monumental issue. In the markets in Africa, where we started our work; assets worth trillions of dollars, capable of forging a promising future for billions, remain mostly useless due to the fact that millions can’t produce a piece of paper to prove ownership. The strange thing is that within the community; no-one is disputing the ownership; they all know precisely who owns what.

Blockchains breathe life into these assets by tokenizing the trust that is intrinsic to human societies, thereby making clear ownership visible and usable. Our platform bridges the divide between possession and potential, ensuring that everyone’s assets, regardless of scale, are acknowledged and leveraged to fulfill aspirations. This is the essence of Tórónet: converting valuable assets into catalysts for communal prosperity and individual growth.

Consider this scenario: Within our communities, for example in our rural areas; everyone possesses something of value — a dwelling, a small piece of land, a mobile device, or a family-operated kiosk. When faced with the need for financial assistance — be it for home repairs, expanding a kiosk into a café, or upgrading a mobile device — the typical recourse involves seeking some form of financing, using these assets as collateral. Yet, many are rebuffed with, “Sorry, we can’t accept your property as collateral without official documentation.”

Here, Tórónet intervenes, inspired by the visionary Hernando de Soto. His ideology champions the principle that everyone should harness their assets to secure financing and cultivate wealth, irrespective of geographical location.

Tórónet’s mission is to transform assets owned by people into keys that unlock financial services, validating the worth of their possessions sans. We affirm, “Your assets hold value and should empower your journey towards a brighter future.”

Tórónet embodies the spirit of capital formation and financial inclusion, succinctly capturing the essence while directly addressing the tangible benefits it extends to individuals and communities. We’re not merely facilitating access to financial services; we’re crafting a realm where every asset, monumental or modest, is recognized for its potential to realize dreams.

That is why we are putting the infrastructure & tools that create this miracle into the hands of developers & communities.

I call on change drivers of the world — Join us.